Portraits by jane Lieber mays

The moment between two emotions, facial expressions, or gestures is like the period of rest between two musical notes. It is when we are most open, a time of unselfconscious transition when it is possible to glimpse the soul. Using a contemporary combination of realism and abstraction, I attempt to capture this moment on canvas.


Painted Portraits

Life-size, full figure paintings using a unique combination of historical and contemporary techniques.


Life-size head studies using charcoal and chalk or Prismacolor pencil on tinted, laid paper.

Paintings from Snapshots

Contemporary interpretations of precious old photographs, drawn or painted in various sizes.

portraits by jane Lieber mays
Self-portrait of the Artist



“This moment in time is to be treasured forever – the simple magic of being five and the wisdom and hopefulness of seventeen – brought together by one amazing artist.”

—Peg H, "Andy and Courtney"